Israel 2023: A Journey of Spiritual Discovery with Calvary Chapel Abide

Apr 12, 2018


Welcome to Calvary Chapel Abide's immersive trip to Israel in 2023, where we invite you to embark on a life-changing adventure to the Holy Land. This unique opportunity will allow you to connect with the roots of your faith and experience the rich cultural heritage of Israel. Join us on this spiritual pilgrimage as we dive into the sacred sites and immerse ourselves in the biblical stories that have shaped our history.

Discover the Beauty of Israel

Israel is a land that has captivated the hearts of pilgrims and adventurers for centuries. From the breathtaking landscapes of the Negev Desert to the serene shores of the Dead Sea, every corner of this diverse country is filled with natural wonders waiting to be explored. With Calvary Chapel Abide, you will have the opportunity to witness the beauty of the Galilee region, walk the ancient streets of Jerusalem, and experience the tranquility of the Sea of Galilee.

Exploring the Spiritual Significance

For believers, Israel holds a deep spiritual significance as it served as the backdrop for countless biblical events. Our expert guides will lead you through the millennial-old alleyways of Jerusalem's old city, where you can trace the steps of Jesus and visit iconic sites such as the Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. You'll have the chance to experience the Upper Room, where the Last Supper was held, and even walk along the Palm Sunday route on the Mount of Olives.

Immerse in Biblical History

Immerse yourself in the rich history and archeological wonders that await you in Israel. Explore the ancient ruins of Masada and learn about the heroic saga of the Jewish rebellion against Roman conquerors. Discover the remains of Herod's magnificent palace and marvel at the engineering marvels of the past. Walk in the footsteps of the prophets at Megiddo, where biblical prophecies converge, and uncover the secrets of King Solomon's royal city, Tel Be'er Sheva. The treasures of Israel's rich past are waiting to be explored and interpreted during our transformative journey.

Connecting with the Local Community

Calvary Chapel Abide's trip to Israel goes beyond traditional sightseeing. We believe in the power of connecting with the local community and fostering meaningful relationships that bridge cultures. You will have the opportunity to meet with local believers, hear their stories, and witness the vibrant faith community firsthand. Whether it's joining a worship service at a local church or engaging in a deep spiritual conversation with fellow travelers, this journey is designed to unite believers from all walks of life.

Inspiring Teaching and Worship

Throughout the trip, we will have insightful teaching sessions led by seasoned theologians and biblical scholars. Engage in discussions about the historical context of the Bible, dive deep into the meaning behind key passages, and experience the transformative power of worship in the very places where the biblical stories unfolded. You will come away with a renewed understanding of your faith and a deeper connection to the Word.

Join Us on this Transformational Journey

Calvary Chapel Abide's Israel 2023 trip is an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen your faith, deepen your understanding of the Bible, and create lasting memories. Don't miss this chance to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, to experience the vibrant culture of Israel, and to connect with believers from around the world. Take the next step in your spiritual journey and reserve your spot today!

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Nov 13, 2023
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Aug 16, 2023
Tinika Dort
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Feb 18, 2022
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Apr 23, 2021
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Oct 10, 2020
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